If you want to increase your wedding business

Theres no secret to our advertisers' success with The Windsor/Essex County Wedding Guide

Presented to brides as a free gift from selected bridal shops, jewellery stores, retail shops and reception facilities, The Wedding Guide is Canada South #1 Bridal Planner. It is used by more engaged couples than any other resource.

No other publication offers you the same comprehensive and effective marketing package than The Wedding Guide. We reach the bride and her family at the beginning of her wedding planning, and accompany her throughout her engagement period. This typically is anywhere from 12-24 months into the future.

The Windsor/Essex County Wedding Guide is locally owned and operated, and is part of an internationally syndicated network of over 120 Wedding Guide owners throughout North America.

The Wedding Guide is not a coffee table book; it is a no-nonsense resource and, an invaluable, marketing tool, for both brides, grooms, their families and the wedding party!

With The Wedding Guide, we have it all! Your business will have the opportunity to put your message in front of the bride, at the onset of the planning process, in both print and on the internet.

We offer many ways to target the lucrative wedding market.

  1. Your print ad for one full year- 2 printings annually.
  2. A Bridal Referral Lead list for 12 months- an excellent tool for our clients to utilize in their marketing mix. E-mailed to you.
  3. A listing on our website, www.TheWeddingGuide.ca and a hyperlink to your site.
  4. A Featured Vendor Pop-Up Ad on our website.
  5. Delivery of information on a regular basis; emailed directly to you.
  6. Sponsorship opportunities for our Bridal Newsletter; e-mailed monthly.

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For more information regarding The Windsor/Essex County Wedding Guide, or to advertise in our unique planning directory, please contact us and a sales representative will be in touch with you.



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