"The earth laughs in flowers."    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Flowers have always been a favoured expression of friendship and love. Prior to bridal bouquets, brides carried bunches of garlic herbs and grains to drive evil spirits away, as they walked down the aisle. This practice, thankfully evolved and was replaced with flowers, symbolizing fertility and love.

Today, floral choices are endless. Choose a wedding specialist to assist you review some of their previous work, before you hire them.Which colour, which variety, which type?? will all be defined by the theme you chose for your wedding day, the cost and the season of the year. You will want to use your flowers to tie everything together, including your bridal gown.

An experienced florist will discuss the style and look you wish to achieve. You may want to bring in some examples of ideas that have caught your eye from wedding magazines, as well as sample swatches of your gown, your bridesmaids attire, the setting of the wedding and your table linens, to understand what you are hoping to achieve.

The Language of Flowers:

Give red and white roses to your fiance on your wedding eve (happy love and unity)

Meet your inlaws for the first time with heather, (admiration) daffodils, (regard, not love) or bouquets of morning glories. (affection)

For your bridal shower, choose centrepieces of acacia (friendship) and yellow lily (gaiety)

For the groom at the wedding, have his friends give him a sprig of ivy (fidelity)

Decorate the church, chapel, or garden with lilies (purity of heart), ivy (fidelity).

Your bouquet will express unspoken emotions when you include: blue violet (faithfulness), orchids (beauty and love), myrtle(joy) or iris (promise in love).

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