"With this ring, I thee wed."    Solemnization of Matrimony

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Your wedding ceremony is a public declaration of a very significant and private decision of your life. Your guests are not only only the audience, but also participants, who are there to wish you well. 

Your ceremony is a drama filled with emotion and life-changing events. You set the stage with florals and costume the cast. You are the writer and director of this production. Although certain rituals in the ceremony are common, your wedding will be unique.

Traditional ceremonies take place at the couples place of worship; churches, chapels or synagogues. It will require many meetings with your clergy/officiant will be required to discuss the details of the ceremony, along with the importance of your commitment. Marriage workshops can be attended prior to your wedding day.

If your upcoming marriage is non-traditional, it can take place at many venues. An outdoor affair, your planning will require a little more work. You will need to determine capacity, an inclement weather plan, etc. You will also need to select a clergy who can offer the ceremony services that you require to meet your religious and spiritual needs.

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